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Drop off and pick up procedures

We have worked with the City of San Ramon and the police department to create a drop off and pick-up procedure that is safe for our children and minimizes the possibility of blocking the street in front of the school and preventing emergency vehicles from access to the school and surrounding neighborhood.
 PLEASE bear in mind that these procedures are done with the safety of our children in mind, and in supporting access of emergency vehicles for neighborhood safety and security as well.  There is NO perfect answer and patience and compliance is essential to make this work as smoothly as possible.   
Students will be required to SIT quietly in designated areas (yellow zones) on the sidewalk area with their grade levels until their parents or car pool drivers arrive.  They should be watching carefully for their cars and ready to go when the car pulls up. 
Please keep in mind other safety precautions when picking up or dropping off students:
  • DO NOT use your cell phone while driving
  • Pull as far forward as possible before loading or unloading your children
  • Children should get in or out on the passenger side only 
  • Pick up or drop off in the yellow curb areas only
  • Do NOT pass other vehicles to pull in front of them to pick up your child
  • Once your child is in your vehicle, you may pull carefully out and around waiting vehicles to exit the parking lot
If you are walking your children home from school or to a parked car, please wait for them in the open area in between the Kindergarten playground and the Multi-Purpose Room, or make arrangements to have your child meet you near the gate by the 600 wing and library.  (Please stay out of the yellow zone marked on the sidewalk where students sit.) This will help eliminate congestion in front of the school.  Adults picking up kindergarten students will be allowed to go inside the gates to pick up their children in front of the kindergarten classes.
In concert with the City of San Ramon and the San Ramon Police Department, the following steps were put into place during the 2010-2011 school year.  (Drivers can be cited for violating these traffic laws.)
No Left Turns into the school driveway from northbound Talavera Drive from 1 – 4 p.m. on school days; school busses are the only vehicles that are allowed to turn left into the lot during these times; and “No Parking” along southbound Talavera Drive, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on school days so that parents can pull up along the curb and wait for the queue to progress into the school driveway.
It does take a few minutes of your time to utilize the pick up lane when school starts and lets out but please recognize that the teachers, parent volunteers, and I, are working quickly to unload and load students safely into cars and to keep traffic moving. 
Our SDC busses and parents are scheduled to drop off and pick up their students 15 minutes prior to our general education students.  Those vehicles will pull into the white curb zone in front of the MPR.  There will be two lanes marked in this section, the right hand white curb lane for picking up or dropping off of our special education students, and the left hand lane as a through lane only.  Special Education teachers and paraprofessionals will escort the students to or from their automobiles or busses.  Please be patient if on occasion this procedure results in a minor delay.