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Welcome to our Principal's Page!

About our Principal...

July 2024
About our Principal...

I am thrilled to be embarking on my 7th year as the Principal of Bollinger Canyon Elementary School.  Before serving at BC, I was an Admin TSA at Twin Creeks and Montevideo, in addition to serving as summer school principal at both Vista Grande and Hidden Hills from 2015 - 2018.  Prior to that, I was an instrumental music educator, teacher lead and coach for 21 years having taught at Concord High School in MDUSD and Charlotte Wood Middle School in SRVUSD.  My husband teaches International Cuisine/Culinary Arts and we have boy/girl twins going into 8th grade.  My passions as a school leader are 1) making sure students feel safe and connected to their school; 2) removing barriers to a child's access to their education; 3) ensuring students see themselves represented in our curriculum; 4) our teaching practices remain relevant to 21st century learning; 5) families feel welcome and empowered to be partners in their child's education.  Please reach out any time if you have questions about our school! 

Join our Team!

We have a variety of positions such as Classroom Paraeducator, Noon Duty Supervisor, Autism Specialist Paraeducator and Licensed Vocational Nurse and all of them can be found here!!
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Important Information about Bollinger Canyon and Related Links!

Important Information about Bollinger Canyon and Related Links!

Below is a link to a feedback form that any member of our community can fill out at any time for any reason.  Thank you for your feedback!
Looking for advice on navigating movies, games, apps and other technology-related issues for families and children?  Check out the below website!
Noon Duty HelpIf you would ever like to volunteer to assist at lunch, we'd love to have you!  Our 1st - 3rd grade lunch is 11:30am - 12:10pm and our 4th/5th grade lunch is 12:15pm - 12:55pm.
Sick Child Policy:  Children with a temperature of 100 or higher cannot be at school and must be fever-free WITHOUT the use of medicine for 24 hours before they can return to school.  Thank you!
Inclusion:  We are fortunate to be the home of our district's Intensive Special Day Class program.  We have 4 classes of students who have needs ranging from severe autism to fragile medical needs.  The opportunities our general education students receive from working with their peers with special needs is beyond words.  The inclusion opportunities we have at Bollinger Canyon include recess, lunch, Buddy PE, weekly PE, music, library and science lab.
Parking, Drop Off and Pick Up:
  • Cars cannot MAKE A LEFT-HAND TURN INTO THE SCHOOL PARKING LOT when coming from Bollinger Canyon Road.
  • Adults should NEVER get out of their car and students should ALWAYS exit the car from the right side only when in our drop-off lane.
  • Our staff parking lot is off limits for two reasons:  1) There is no community parking and 2) the extra cars create traffic to the entrance of our school.  Please park on the streets instead.  Thank you!
  • Kid's Country Driveway:  This is not a drop-off area.  The only cars who should pull in should be staff members before 7:45am and families parking at Kid's Country.
  • 8:00am:  This is the time INSTRUCTION starts, meaning students are to be in classrooms and in their seats at the 8am bell. 
  • Accommodations for Rooms 406-410:  These families are given parking passes and designated parking around the corner of the MPR in order to support our students with special needs.  
Balls (and toys) from home:  We do not allow items from home because of the tension it creates among peers (it's my ball, so I create the rules and choose who can play).  Thank you for working with our students to leave balls and other toys at home. 
Spirit Wear:  Spirit Days are every Friday!  Please wear blue and yellow to show your school spirit!
Barton Program Volunteers:  We have a reading intervention program at school called Barton.  It was originally developed for students with dyslexia and helps students who struggle with both reading and spelling.  Our program is run solely on volunteers.  The more volunteers we have, the most students we are able to help.  Suzanne Lyons is our Barton coordinator and would love to work with you on training and scheduling.  If you'd like to learn more about the Barton program, visit:  Barton Reading.  If you would like to contact Suzanne, she can be reached at Suzanne Lyons.
Clothes for Office:  If you would like to donate any shirts, shorts, underwear and/or pants to our office, we are running low in all sizes.  We use these clothes for students who have the occasional accident, spill, rip, etc.
Composting at Lunch:  Students are expected to compost their left over lunch every day.  We have a GREEN can for food waste and a BLACK can for everything else.  Please take a minute to ask your child how they composte at lunch and review what can be composted and what cannot.
PTA Meetings:  Our first PTA meetings are the 3rd Thursday of every month at 9:30am.
Bulldog Fund Meetings:  Our Bulldog Fund meets the 2nd Tuesday evening of every month at 6:30pm.
Site Council Meetings:  Our Site Council meetings are (mostly) the 3rd Thursday of every month from 3pm - 4pm in our Conference Room.
Future Fund is an on-line system that allows you access to critical information about our school.  It will explain activities such as classroom donations, field trips, spirit wear, yearbooks, volunteer information and much more.  The system is a secure website that accepts credit cards, will allow you to set up payment plans, and will keep track of how you want to be involved in our school.  This is also how we solicit donations for the many programs we offer.  I'm sure you've heard it many times, but we just can't provide the kind of education our students deserve without donations.  It is true that every dollar counts!
SRVUSD Annual Update:  You should have received a separate communication from our school district about their required Annual Update.  It's important to note that "registration" is a two-step process which includes the district's Annual Update AND Bollinger's school-specific Future Fund.  You will find yourself providing similar information for both, but they are equally important!
SRVUSD Parent Portal:  Here is the link to access our district portal, which is where you will be able to update all information about your child/family/emergency information, see your child's teacher and receive other information. SRVUSD Parent Portal.



Phone:  (925) 242-3200


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