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Volunteer Opportunities

Sign that says volunteers needed!
Thank you for your interest in helping out at Bollinger Canyon PTA. 
There are many ways to volunteer at the school and any hour you can make is a huge difference at our school. 
We have many programs in the PTA that may be of interest to you or that you have a talent for…
these programs include:
  • Reading Programs that help make reading fun:
    Breakfast Book Club Facilitators, Barton Tutors, Family Reading Night
  • Science and Math Programs that find fun ways to learn:
    Math Night, Science Night, Garden Work Days
  • Music and Art programs that promote the creative spirit:
    Reflections, Poem in my Pocket, Fine Arts Music Education (FAME).
  • Health and Safety Programs that promote healthy bodies and healthy minds:
    Vision and Hearing Screening, Red Ribbon Week, Run Club, Words Matters Week, etc.
  • Community Building Programs that help our school and our community:
    Sister Schools, PTA Honorary Awards, Legislative Advocacy, Special Needs Committee.
  • Family Hospitality Events that help build our school community:
    Kids Night Out, International Festival, Talent show, Parent Education Workshops and Speakers, New Family Socials, etc.
  • PTA Communications that help Parents know what is going on:
    Newsletters, website, school directory, etc.
  • Photography that allow parents to share their talents:
    Yearbook photographers for the classroom or general events
  • Gardening and landscaping programs that help make our school beautiful:
  • School Beautification/Gardening Work Days, etc.
  • Classroom/school Helpers to ease the lives of our teachers and staff:
    Copy Aids, Room Parents, Library Duty, Book Fair, Computer Room Duty, Teacher Appreciation Week, noon/Lunch Duty, Classroom Photographers (Yearbook)
  • Celebrations to honor those who are deserving:
    Hospitality Committee needs your help to support Honorary Service Awards, Reflections Showcase, New Family Social, 5th Grade promotion, General Photographers (Yearbook)


Volunteers needed before school on monthly/weekly basis
  • Breakfast Book Club Group Facilitators
    Group Facilitators are essential to the club.  As a Group facilitator will be responsible for handing out books for the club and lead discussions about books meetings you are available.  Club meets on third Wednesday of each month from October to May before school.  Discussion questions and activity sheets can be available for you from the committee leads if needed. Club meets on the third Wednesday of the month from Sept. to April from 7:00 to 7:45 a.m.
  • Run Club
    Volunteers are always welcome to help cheer on children as they run and escort them back to school.  Club runs in fall and spring on Wednesdays 3 times per month.  Our goal is to inspire students to lead a physically active and healthful lifestyle, and enhance self-esteem and self-confidence.  Open to all students in Grades 1-5.
Volunteers needed during school hours on monthly/weekly/daily basis
  • Barton Reading Program Volunteers
    Barton Reading/Spelling intervention program helps students one-on-one with reading/spelling decoding. After completing about 10 hours of training, volunteers will begin working one-on-one with a student twice a week during school hours to help transform their reading/spelling. You can read more specifics about the program at
  • Box-Tops Volunteers:
    Volunteers needed to help count Box-tops three to four times a year.  Contact committee chair if you are willing to help.
  • Computer Lab Helper:
    If you would like to help your child’s class during computer lab time, please sign up at Back to School night.   Each teacher will have a sign-up sheet in their classroom. 
  • Copy Aids:
    Teachers often have classwork or homework that needs to be copied.  We need volunteers to work shifts of 1-2 hours where they make copies.  Contact chairperson to get access to sign-up sheet.
  • Fine Arts Mini Experience (FAME):
    Three times a year, these volunteers present an assembly or short performance in the classroom that introduces children to the classics in Art and Music.  No experience is necessary; full training and all presentations/materials are provided.  FAME needs 5 to 8 volunteers to present as well as to help with behind the scenes activities.  Time commitment is flexible.
  • Vision and Hearing Screening
    Vision and hearing screening occurs in fall over three days. The school district screens all students in kindergarten, second and fifth grades as well as any teacher referrals.  Volunteers are needed to assist the Audiologist and the Optometrist, in addition to escorting children from their classrooms to the testing locations.
  • Library Duty:
    If you would like to help your child’s class during library time, please sign up at Back to School night.   Each teacher will have a sign-up sheet in their classroom.  Tasks include checking library books in and out with use of the computer as well as shelving the returned books.  Training will be provided for all new volunteers.  The library also needs volunteers to help with the book fair that takes place in the fall.  Sign-ups for the book fair are in the library.
  • Lunch Duty Volunteers
    Volunteers can sign-up once a month/week for 1 to 2 hour shifts; M-F, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Volunteers help monitor students during their lunch breaks in the MPR and on the playground.
  • Room Parent:
    Teachers at Back to School night will ask for volunteers for room parent.  Please signed up if you are interested in helping in your child’s classroom for parties, etc.  The Head Room parent will have a meeting in Aug/Sept. for all room parents’ best ways to help your teachers and students.
  • Sister School Volunteers
    This group of parents meets throughout the year to plan and organize activities that encourage students and their families to reach out to communities around them.  This committee organizes food and clothing drives that help the students and families at our sister school.
  • Yearbook:
    Class room and General Photographers are need to support our yearbook. 
    Classroom Photographers volunteers should be available during classroom activities such as parties, field trips, and special events to take pictures (high resolution/not iphone) and upload them for possible placement in yearbook. 
    General photographers are also needed to take pictures of the staff, aides, clubs and other special events throughout the year and put together page layouts.
Volunteers needed during flexible hours once or twice a quarter
  • Communications Committee
    Based on their availability, committee members will help to proof and/or post PTA newsletters and website updates, submit posts to school social media activities, submit ideas for articles in newsletter, help design flyers for events as needed, etc. 
  • Honorary Service Awards Committee
    These awards honor any parent, teacher, staff member, who has served the Bollinger community with these special awards. This committee will help promote award nominations, help determine winners of the PTA awards and help with a ceremony that takes place in May. 
  • Hospitality Committee
    This is a committee that enjoys having a good time. As needed, volunteers’ sign-up to bring food items, or help set-up/clean-up at the different events, throughout the year.  Events include Welcome Back Coffee, New Family Social, Donuts with a Loved One, Ice Cream Social, Reflections Showcase, etc.   The committee may also help take pictures at events for the yearbook.
  • Special Needs Committee
    This committee provides information and support to parents, teachers, and district staff so they can help maximize the potential of children with learning differences.  Special needs children include those who have been identified as GATE and those who have ADHD, non-verbal learning disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia and many other learning differences.   We present speakers for evening programs on a variety of topics relevant to children age birth through high school, and host meetings/coffees to discuss issues of interest to parents.  We also work legislatively to secure and retain adequate laws and funding for children with special needs.
  • Legislative Committee 
    Members of this committee support the Vice President of Legislative Rep. to help the PTA be will keep abreast of the workings of the various governing bodies that can affect Bollinger Canyon Elementary. Members of this committee will be asked to attend an annual trip in the spring to Sacramento and assist in letter writing campaigns and phone trees for communicating concerns to our legislators and our community officials.
  • Parent Education Committee
    This committee helps the PTA Parent Education Rep.  promote or host parenting workshops/seminars/presentations that help improve and strengthen parenting skills.  Duties can include booking speakers, distributing fliers, submitting info to PTA Newsletter.  This committee can also contribute ideas for speakers and topics for program.


Volunteers needed both after and during school hours just for the day or week event.
  • Beautification/Garden Committee
    This committee is composed of an enthusiastic group of parents that would not only like to make a visual difference at Bollinger Canyon but also offer a way to encourage school pride.  The committee plans various clean up days and gardening events that will need your help.  If you like gardening, are handy with painting and fix-up projects or would just like to see an improvement in the physical surroundings at Bollinger, then this is the committee for you!
  • New Family Social Committee
    This committee helps Chairman pull together an informative night for new families to Bollinger Canyon.  Duties may entail decorating for event, working with a caterer or getting food donated, organizing daycare, creating materials for event, organizing speakers, inviting all new families, etc.
  • Fifth Grade Promotion Committee
    Help say goodbye to our 5th graders in May, by helping organize the promotion event.  Activities include, collecting baby pictures from parents, putting together slide show, getting food donations from parents, etc.
  • Red Ribbon Week Committee
    Volunteers are needed help promote awareness of healthy bodies and healthy minds and a drug free life. 
    Volunteer duties can include planning activities for the week, decorating school with red ribbons, handing out ribbons to children and working with staff to promote the messages each day of the week.
  • Talent Show
    Volunteers needed to assist chairperson with sound system, organizing the talent, etc. for this fun event that takes place during school and in the events in the late spring.  Contact chairperson if you are interested in helping in this event.
  • Words Matter/Kindness Matter Week Committee
    Volunteers are needed help promote kindness in how we treat and speak to each other.  Words Matters Week, and Kindness Matter week are official programs through Calif.  Volunteer duties can include planning activities for the week, publicizing week activities/messages.
Family Fun Nights

Volunteers needed for evening/flexible times just before and during event
  • Kid’s Night Out/Movie Nights (Three Times a Year)
    Kids Night Out occurs three times a year and is held in the MPR.  We show a G-PG rated movie and serve popcorn, juice, water, and even have a raffle.  It is a very popular event that requires numerous parent volunteers.  We stress a ratio of 1 adult to 12 children.  The time commitment is to help during the event.  Volunteer duties vary from set-up, check-in/out, popcorn maker, supervising the students during the film and assisting them with clean up at the end of the evening. 
  • Family Reading Night Committee
    This fun evening event usually takes place in March.  Parent volunteers are needed to help planning and hosting the event with the Chairperson.  Duties can include helping with book exchange, manage raffle, prizes, arts and crafts, and games. 
  • International Festival Committee
    The International Festival takes place in Spring and is Family Fun event.  Volunteers are to host booths that represent different countries from around the world.  Helpers to coordinate decorations for the overall event, and help volunteers as needed.  Volunteers are also needed to help with cultural student performances and a pageant where students dress in special customary attire. 
  • Math Night Committee
    This fun evening event has not been scheduled, but we are hoping parents will be willing to lead the hosting of this fun event sometime in the Fall.  Parent volunteers are needed to help planning and hosting the event with the Chairperson.  Duties can include helping with setting up math games that are age appropriate for each grade, manage raffle, prizes, etc.
  • Science Night Committee
    This fun evening event in the spring.  Parent volunteers will help our science teachers the night of the event in setting up science projects and welcoming families on the night of the event.  Duties can include helping set-up math games that are age appropriate for each grade, manage raffle, prizes, etc.