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Every year, our budget increases as costs go up.  We try to minimize the impact on parents by taking advantage of programs such as corporate matching.  Our Corporate Match contributions and increased every year and we would like to keep the momentum going.  The more we can raise through corporate matching, the more we can do for the school without asking for additional donations from you.  Five minutes of your time doubles your donation – and your impact on our school - at no cost to you!  Your school gets another donation and your company gets a tax write-off.
Many companies will match your tax deductible BCEF donation.  If you donated at registration or made a cash donation through one of the auctions, your company may match your donation dollar for dollar.  Please take a few minutes to see if your company will match your donation.  If both you and your spouse work, make sure you check with BOTH parents' employers.  You may be able to triple your donation!
All you have to do is ask and fill out a few simple forms. We do the rest!!


It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Step 1: Go to Matching Gifts to see if your company matches. If they do, note their matching gift form URL link which will connect you with your matching form. Some companies will direct you to their company intranet,
Step 2:  Retrieve your registration or auction donation receipt.  You should have received an email with your receipt attached.  If you can no longer locate your receipt, please email Bulldog Fund Corporate Match to ask for a copy.
Step 3: Submit a match for each tax deductible donation noted on your registration receipt via your company intranet or your HR department.  Remember to sign the form and attach a copy of your receipt.
That's it!  WE DO THE REST.  We will verify the donation and submit the completed forms to your respective company.
Important Information:
  • Organization Name: Bollinger Canyon Education Fund
  • Tax ID #: 68-0413690.  In some systems, this tax ID may show up as San Ramon Valley Education Foundation.  This is because BCEF is a subsidiary of SRVEF.
  • Address: 2300 Talavera Dr. San Ramon CA 94583.  Please confirm that the address matches our school address before submitting your request. 
  • Telephone #: 925-242-3200
  • Contact: Bulldog Fund Corporate Match
What Amount is Eligible?
Your entire contribution to the Bollinger Canyon Ed Fund is eligible for matching, including all of your donations to classrooms, technology, library, performing arts, Rainbow Room, and our Paraprofessionals!
If you have any questions or need additional documentation, please contact our Corporate Match Chair at Bulldog Fund Corporate Match